Meet The UK Emerging Actors, Class of 2017

January 16, 2017

The time is at last here to meet the actors that make up the cast of the very first UK Emerging Actors Roundtable...


Jack Forsyth-Noble

24 year old actor and cat of many hats. Bilingual Travel kid. Training at Drama Studio London.

“The first Honest Actors’ Roundtable served as a starting point for a discussion that must continue. We are a group of passionate people exchanging our experiences and understanding of what is an incredible yet difficult industry to enter. The roundtable will hopefully be able to bring into discussion vital issues for emerging actors but most importantly show that we’re all in the same boat and can help each other find solutions to the challenges we face”


Louise Waller

Untrained actress/English Rose/Norfolk Thorn. Mother of two cats. Thinks she’s funnier than she really is.

“There’s nothing more comforting than to hear you’re not alone. No matter who you are/what stage you’re at in your career, you always have something to gain from hearing the stories of us and sharing your own. Feeling lost in the industry? Me too. Let’s go!“


Mogali Masuku

Southern African actor and deviser. Third year at Central. In an Afro jazz funk rock band. Will dance, to anything, without requests.

“The roundtable affirmed how many voices there are available to us, so that when we speak we really do speak with the voice of legions. It’s scary being an actor, and it made me sad and hopeful to meet other people who’s vulnerabilities I recognised as my own."


Georgia Tuohey

Surviving actress and singer, chronic foodie and lyric writer of sorts. Final year student at university in Lancashire auditioning for drama school MAs. Lover of SLEEP.

The first roundtable reminded me that it is ok and totally cool to be wherever you’re at on your journey; there is no right or wrong way of going about your career. On the whole, it provides a big platform for little voices in the performance world to be heard and make an impact on others.”


Youness Bouzinab

29 year old Belgian Greek Moroccan Archaeologist turned actor/deviser. Third year BA Acting, Collaborative & Devised Performance student. Casual reader of Mesopotamian clay tablets.

“What I took away from our first roundtable is a real sense of community, of people willing to wrestle with important questions regarding training and entering the profession. We don’t get to hear that very often! This roundtable reflects the diversity of the community and sincerely hope that everyone watching it will see themselves in it.”


Jennifer Kay

North West based Actor, now on an MA in London, adjusting to student life by wearing black, accruing debt and eating couscous. Needs tea and sleep to function.

“The biggest thing I took away from the first roundtable is the sense of meeting like-minded people, despite us all having wildly different backgrounds and chosen paths for the future, we all share a passion for the work. I think watching us chat, will remind people we’re all in the same boat.”


Paul Boichat

Lapsed scientist and corporate type trying out a bit of acting while riding-out a mid-life crisis. Father of two, lover of crisps. Probably asks too many questions.

“It was nice to realise that, just like the regular podcast guests, there was a connection based on shared concerns and dreams for our acting job. It’s always fun to spend time with people who, despite everything, have to be doing what they do.”


The first episode of the Emerging Actors Roundtable series is available from 3pm today (in two parts) on the Spotlight UK YouTube Channel….


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